Gemstones Info

1:Alexandrite is a color changing variety of Chrisoberyl. Stones with a strong color change effect are more valuable and belong to the most expensive gemstones. Alexandrites are generally not treated.
  • Color:                                 Color change, from Bluish Green (daylight) to purple, Red or Brown (incandescent light)
  • Hardness:                           8
  • Refractive Index:               1.74 – 1.77
  • Density:                              3.68 – 3.80
  • Chemical Composition:     BeAl2O4
  • Crystal Structure:              Orthorhombic
  • Origins:                              Russia, Brazil, Tanzania, Madagascar, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Burma, India.
  • Qualities:                           Helps one to return to the origins of their development; assists one in becoming centered and in holding ones self in high esteem.
  • Physical Qualities:            Improves the assimilation of protein and alleviates disorders of the central nervous system.
  • Emotional Qualities:         Develops the ability to be aware of the interconnection of all things. Assists one in rejuvenating oneself from the inside out.

2:Amethyst is a transparent purple-violet variety of quartz. Best amethysts have medium dark violet color and uniform coloring. Rarely heated to lighten dark colors or to improve transparency. Change color to yellow or greenish yellow in heat treatment. Long time exposing in direct sunlight may fade color.

  • Inidan Name:                           Katela, Kathela
  • Color:                                       Violet, purple-violet
  • Hardness:                                 7
  • Refractive Index:                     1.54 – 1.55
  • Density:                                    2.65 – 2.66
  • Chemical Composition:           SiO2
  • Crystal Structure:                    Hexagonal
  • Origins:                                    Widespread; main sources are Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina, USA, East Africa, Zambia, Namibia, Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka, Russia, Australia.
  • Qualities:                                Calms the mind, enhances mental activity and lends strength and will power to control passions and break undesirable habits.
  • Physical Qualities:                 Balances metabolism, stimulates tissue regeneration and increases the production of red corpuscles. May be used to treat disorders of blood sugar levels and lapses in the immune system.
  • Emotional Qualities:             Amplifies thought, increases intuition and integrates emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to function as a single unit.

3:Ametrine is a bi-color variety of quartz formed by amethyst and citrine on opposite sides of a crystal. Best ametrines have intense colors and distinct central border between violet and yellow colors. Ametrines are generally not treated.

  • Color:                                  Bi-color, violet / yellow
  • Hardness:                            7
  • Refractive Index:                1.54 – 1.55
  • Density:                               2.65 – 2.66
  • Chemical Composition:      SiO2
  • Crystal Structure:               Hexagonal
  • Origins:                               Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay.
  • Qualities:                            Assist one in accessing connection to higher self and successfully dealing with the stress that comes with following one’s truth.
  • Physical Qualities:            Assist the pancreas in functioning correctly, stimulates hyper oxygenation. Helps one to recognize and accept physical body changes.
  • Emotional Qualities:         Enhances the acceptance of compatibility, helps to clear emotional blockages and opens one to interaction and cooperation with fellowman without stress.

4:Apatites are very heat sensitive and generally not treated. Due to insufficient hardness the stone is rarely used in jewelry production. However collectors appreciate blue and violet intense colored stones.
  • Color:                                   Green, greenish yellow, blue, violet
  • Hardness:                             5
  • Refractive Index:                 1.60 – 1.67
  • Density:                                3.17 – 3.35
  • Chemical Composition:      Phosphate composition
  • Crystal Structure:               Hexagonal
  • Origins:                               Mexico, USA, Canada, Madagascar, Spain, Russia, Sri Lanka, India, Burma.
  • Qualities:                            Helps one to develop the ability to serve humanity in the capacity of healing, communication, teaching, and energy balancing. It is useful as a bridge between consciousness and matter.
  • Physical Qualities:            Helps one to focus healing energy on physical body. Creates balance and wellness to internal glands and organs. Clears mental confusion and awakens inner connection to higher self.
  • Emotional Qualities:        Creates balance and right action of all the chakras. Enhances creativity and connection with inner self. Promotes a sense of inner peace, clarity and unity with higher self.

5:Aquamarine is a light blue or light greenish blue variety of beryl. Darker stones are more expensive. Heat enhancement is often applied to enforce blue color of aquamarines but only clean pieces can be heated.
  • Inidan Name:                       Beruz, Berunj
  • Color:                                   Blue to greenish blue
  • Hardness:                             7.5
  • Refractive Index:                 57 – 1.59
  • Density:                               2.67 – 2.75
  • Chemical Composition:      Be3Al2(SiO3)6
  • Crystal Structure:               Hexagonal
  • Origins:                               Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Russia, India, Sri Lanka, China.
  • Qualities:                           Aligns the etheric and mental bodies. It assists one in honoring their spiritual experiences as their own and using those experiences to further their own growth.
  • Physical Qualities:           Cleanses the physical body by directly strengthening the organs that perform that function. It strengthens and flushes the lymphatic system.
  • Emotional Qualities:        Reduces fear and stimulates self expression. Helps one to communicate compassionately and to feel safe while moving through the changes of life.

 6:Citrine is one of the most inexpensive gemstones. Even very big pieces, 50 carats and more, can be easily found on the market. Greenish yellow and orange stones are more valuable. Heat treatment is applied to enforce yellow color.

  • Inidan Name:                             Sunehla, Sunela
  • Color:                                         Yellow
  • Hardness:                                   7
  • Refractive Index:                      1.54 – 1.55
  • Density:                                     2.65 – 2.66
  • Chemical Composition:           SiO2
  • Crystal Structure:                    Hexagonal
  • Origins:                                   Widespread; best specimens come from Brazil.
  • Qualities:                                Shields and protects the solar plexus. Tempers the energy of the power chakra, allowing for ease in dealing with others while maintaining your personal power.
  • Physical Qualities:                Aids in digestion and elimination. Removes toxins and aids in regenerating the digestive system. It balances the thyroid and activates the thymus thereby allowing one to act from the purity of intent of the young in spirit; child like rather than childish.
  • Emotional Qualities:            Increases contact with higher self and aids in the accomplishment of matters of daily living. Assists one in attracting those things necessary for life as the Gods that we truly are.

7:Emeralds are usually treated by polymers or colorless oil in order to hide microfissures and to improve the stone appearance. Emerald prices highly depend on gem color and clarity; for this reason it is rather difficult to carry out the online valuating for emeralds. Unlike other beryl varieties clean pieces of emerald are extremely rare end expensive. We recommend referring to online appraisal as a value approximation within 15-20% accuracy.
  • Inidan Name:                              Panna
  • Color:                                          Green
  • Hardness:                                    7.5 – 8
  • Refractive Index:                        1.57 – 1.59
  • Density:                                       2.67 – 2.75
  • Chemical Composition:             Be3Al2(SiO3)6
  • Crystal Structure:                      Hexagonal
  • Origins:                                      Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Russia, India, Pakistan, Australia, USA, Pakistan.
  • Qualities:                                   Aids in the development of keener insight into dreams and alleviates hidden fears. Stimulates the greater use of mental capacity in the healing of the body.
  • Physical Qualities:                    Treats disorders of the spine, muscles and over-all general healing of the physical body.
  • Emotional Qualities:                 Balances the heart chakra and aligns and quiets the emotional bodies. Brings harmony to all areas of ones life. Eliminates negativity and assits one in remaining centered during the practical nature of ones work.