Gemstons Info

Iolite (dichroite, water sapphire) has a significant pleochroism effect (from violet-blue to colorless or yellowish). Stones are generally not treated.
  • Inidan Name:                          Kakanili, Kankaneeli
  • Color:                                       Blue, violet-blue
  • Hardness:                                 7 – 7.5
  • Refractive Index:                     1.52 – 1.56
  • Density:                                    2.53 – 2.78
  • Chemical Composition:          Mg2Al3(AlSi5O18)
  • Crystal Structure:                   Orthorhombic
  • Origins:                                   Brazil, USA, Canada, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, India, Burma.
  • Qualities:                                Clears negative thought patterns, banished the blues and encourages one to be secure in oneself and face fear heads on.
  • Physical Qualities:                 Used to treat fever producing disorders and helps the body to produce regulatory chemicals in the correct proportions for healthy expression.
  • Emotional Qualities:             Helps one to be in touch with and clear for communication with ones higher purpose. Eliminates feelings of being trapped on earth plane and opens one to living ones purpose